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Mike Gundy Could Replace Mack Brown as Longhorns Head Coach

When Mike Gundy was reportedly offered the head coaching gig at Tennessee, he refused to leave his alma mater to take on an SEC job that could have paid off big. It was then that we asked ourselves if there was any job that Gundy would leave Stillwater for, or would he stay in place at Oklahoma State until he was fired or felt it right to leave.

Meanwhile, over in Austin, Texas: long time Longhorns head coach Mack Brown has seen succession plan after succession plan fall through when it comes to handing off the reigns of the Texas head coaching job to the next era. But while there still isn’t a secure or smooth transition in place, the clock is ticking on Brown’s time with the Longhorns.

Like we’re baking Christmas cookies, let’s combine these two ingredients and see if the mix. If Mack Brown retires at the end of the 2013 season, could Mike Gundy see the Texas coaching job as something he’d leave Stillwater for?

From ESPN Insider:

If Mack Brown retires after the 2013 season, which feels like a distinct possibility to me, who would go to Austin? TCU’s Gary Patterson immediately comes to mind, but it’s hard to imagine him dealing with all the requirements that go with the job. Picturing Gundy in that position, though, doesn’t seem far-fetched.

According to those within the university, while Gundy turned down the Tennessee job, it wasn’t before some careful consideration. Gundy didn’t pull the old pick up the phone then hang up right away gag when Tennessee came calling.

Gundy likes it at Oklahoma State, heck it’s his alma mater and every fantasy of an ex-college player is to return and lead their former team to glory. Gundy has a good thing going for him with the Cowboys, but that doesn’t Stillwater is his ceiling as a head coach. If the Philadelphia Eagles called tomorrow and offered Gundy the job, is he really going to say no?

Next to returning to your alma mater to be the head coach, being an NFL head coach is the next big thing you can do in your career.

Coaching the Longhorns and coaching an NFL team are not the same thing, but while Gundy may be comfortable coaching the Cowboys now, it’s not a far-fetched idea to see him on the sidelines in Austin when the 2014 season kicks off.

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