(VIDEO) Israeli Rappers Make Rap Video Dedicated to Gregg Popovich

There are many different ways fans can express their love for basketball and those within the game. Most of them wear jerseys around, attend games and seek out autographs. But for Israeli rapper X Beautiful, the best way to express your appreciation for the NBA is to make a rap video dedicated to arguably it’s most legendary active coach: Gregg Popovich. X Beautiful loves Popovich so much that he wrote a rap song dedicated to all things Pop, including the video.

The best part about this is that Popovich not only knows about it and has not only seen the video, but he approves of it. Dan McCarney of Spurs Nation caught up with Stephen Jackson to find out if Popovich has openly acknowledge the Israeli love letter to the coach.

“He was showing some film of me messing up, getting on me real hard. I was like, ‘You know what Pop, I don’t even want to play basketball. I’d rather do this. Kick it!’ And they played two of my videos. And Pop was like, ‘You know what? Don’t worry about it Jack. I got my own video.’ It was pretty cool.”

There is so many things to just absolutely love this. From the Beastie Boys feel to the video and the content of the rap, to the auto-tuned chorus repeating that Popovich “wants a nasty game”, all the way up to Popovich himself acknowledging the video. I think we all agree that we need more Popovich o

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