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Avery Johnson Says Being Fired Is Part of the Business (Video)

Avery Johnson did not sound happy at all that he had been fired by the Brooklyn Nets despite a 14-14 start to the season. But then again, how was he supposed to sound? In all honesty, Johnson had every right to go up to the mic and level Brooklyn with his hate, but he didn’t and instead went about exiting Brooklyn in the most professional way he could.

The biggest question moving forward for the Nets is can a new head coach actually fix things? We all assumed when Mike Brown was fired in Los Angeles, that bringing in a guy familiar with Steve Nash and coaching a large market team could turn things around.

Look at how that’s turning out.

If anything else, Avery Johnson was a scape goat for the losing the Nets are about to endure. They’ve hit a rough patch here in the season, but the firing of Johnson was way too premature. The Nets waited until Johnson was .500 to fire him, which symoblically sets the bar at average.

What the Nets are trying to say, is that they’re not afraid to fire a guy who’s got an average record. Try slipping below that mark and you’ll be sleeping with the fishes. We don’t know who is going to coach the Nets next, but Avery Johnson is wrong about saying his firing is strictly business.

It’s all about winning and winning isn’t a business, it’s a way of life. But it’s a life that must be supported on all fronts and in Brooklyn right now, it only seems like half the organization is on board.

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