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Deron Williams "Shocked" Avery Johnson Was Fired

After hearing the news that head coach Avery Johnson had gotten the axe, star point guard Deron Williams said that he was shocked that it came to a firing in Brooklyn, and that he couldn’t think of a reason why Johnson was fired.

Williams also said that he had just gotten done with a work out that featured Big Foot, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny whilst doing his best Bart Simpson impression.

“I was surprised,” Williams said in a telephone interview with Daily News. “I never had any conversation with (GM) Billy King about not liking coach, nothing about coach Johnson. Avery was a big reason I came back, because him and Billy. So I was surprised.”

While Williams can say that he has no idea why Johnson was fired, we all know what’s going on here. Williams claims that he came back even though Johnson was still in Brooklyn, but it was clear from his play recently that Johnson had lost him and now Williams has to play superstar in the headlights and try to play dumb to make himself look good.

“We’ve never had an argument, we’ve never had a fight, any disagreements, anything,” Williams said. “So, I think it was more kind of what happened in Utah, people still saying I got coach Sloan fired even though he resigned and that’s going to stick with me for a while.”

Many people say that it was Williams that forced Jazz coach Jerry Sloan into retirement, so nobody can be blamed for connecting that dot with the recent firing of Johnson. The Nets say Williams was not involved in the decision to fire Johnson, but for a team to make a move behind the back of it’s superstar player is unlikely.

Williams may not have pulled the trigger on Johnson while his back was turned, but it’s highly suggestive that he was holding the gun.


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