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Patriots LB Brandon Spikes Wants to Give Santa Claus Cocaine and Jack Daniels

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through Brandon Spikes’ house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse — because he gave them all coke and booze. Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes is known to have a wild sense of humor, and he displayed that on Twitter the night before Christmas. The status quo for Santa Claus is to give him a plate of cookies and a glass of milk.

But not Brandon Spikes. When Santa Claus comes to drop off presents at his house, he wants to get the big man loaded.

He’s got a point, when you think about it. Cookies and milk go straight you your ass and weigh you down. Coke and Jack get you wired for a night of delivering presents.

But while the joke is mildly amusing, some people didn’t like it and fired back at Spikes on Twitter. Despite some backlash from people telling him kids follow him, Spikes has yet to delete the tweet. But as it’s been pointed out, he tweeted a blank space and hasn’t deleted that either so maybe he doesn’t know how to.

Either because he was confused or didn’t care, Spikes just told people to unfollow him if they didn’t like what he said — because that is possible. It’s always astonishing when people lash out at others they follow on Twitter when clicking a button once is a lot easier. Spikes doesn’t deserve to be unfollowed for tweeting about his Santa fantasy, people just need to calm down.

The NFL doesn’t seem to care that Spikes tweeted what he did, and those people love to squeeze money out of every orifice that they can. So that right there should tell you, this isn’t a big deal.

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