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Report: Case McCoy, Jordan Hicks Accused of Sexually Assaulting Texas Tech Student

It’s a very bad Friday for two Texas Longhorn players, as quarterback Case McCoy and linebacker Jordan Hicks are the center of a sexual assault investigation.

From KENS Channel 5:

Police were called at 2:48 a.m. Friday to the Holiday Inn Riverwalk in the 200 block of North St. Mary.

A woman told police she met two UT players out partying overnight and invited them back to her room at the Holiday Inn. She later made the allegations of sexual assault to police.

For the record, the Longhorns are in San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl against Oregon State. According to records, the Longhorns are staying at the Marriott RiverCenter Hotel, which is roughly under a mile from the Holiday Inn that is acting as the scene of the crime in the report.

Police also reportedly told KENS 5 that the woman alleging she was raped is a 21-year old student from Texas Tech.

No arrests have been made and no charges have been pressed as of this moment. The investigation is ongoing for San Antonio police and the Texas coaching staff was made aware of the incident this morning. Head coach Mack Brown did say that the players had been sent home and are hereby suspended for the Alamo Bowl.

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  • chuck roberts

    But alas, they are star athletes and this will all be swept under the rug. Just as it did in Notre Dame to a family friend several years ago. Just as it does on campus’ around the nation. Sports and athletes are the money makers, no matter what laws are broken.

    • Hi

      it wasn’t a rape at ND though. I mean if you actually learned the facts it was that a player touched a woman’s breast in that case. Now that is still wrong but to equate the two as the same is beyond irresponsible. I’m not excusing what the ND player did but punishing him in the same manner wasn’t justified. The girl in that case did commit suicide and certainly the incident upset her greatly but idk if you charge the player with rape for what he did actually do. Get the facts straight rather than simply saying generic bs you have no idea anything about.

      • chuck roberts

        I know plenty and this is obviously different incident as you are speaking of. But really, why the hostility?