Two Former NHL Players Fight with Kids at a Jack In The Box

Jean Francois Jomphe

Question: what do you do when you’re a hockey player and the league is locked out? Well apparently you bicker over pennies and ruin your sport. What do you do if you’re a former hockey player with lots of free time in your hands? Well apparently you bicker over fries at Jack In The Box and start a fight with some kids.

That’s exactly what two former NHL players did after what authorities are assuming was a night of drinking. Former players Jean-Francois Jomphe and Rich Costello, who spent time with the Anaheim Ducks and Toronto Maple Leafs respectively, were arrested and booked on suspicion of battery, vandalism and assault following a fight they got into at a Jack In The Box drive-thru.

The incident in question came about when the two former players were cut off in the drive thru by a car of “young adults”. Being that it was the middle of the night and both players were likely loaded –presumably under the legal limit– rather than flip the bird, the both Jomphe and Costello flipped the car.

Well, not really but they did enough to get the police involved.

“It’s not uncommon in the early morning hours after the bars have closed that we have people going to get food who get in fights when alcohol is involved,” Laguna Beach Police Department Lt. Jason Kravetz said.

Both Jomphe and Costello were booked and later released on their own recognizance .

When the car, full of what was probably college kids, cut the duo off in the drive thru, police say that one of the passengers gave a gesture which apparently pissed off Jomphe enough to get out of his car and charge them. Costello tried to hold him back but he ended up shattering the back window of the VW Jetta.

Things got taken to the next level when a Good Samaritan tried to tell Costello and Jomphe to get back in the car. This apparently pissed off Costello who threw a punch at the man trying to defuse the situation.

Lesson of the day: don’t stand in the way of former NHL has-beens and their late night burgers. It won’t end very well for you or your VW Jetta.


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