LSU Strength Coach Uses Sign To Motivate Players (Photo)

LSU Tigers strength coach Tommy Moffitt has an interesting way of motivating his players. In fact, it’s hard to call what Moffitt posted in his office window a motivational tactic. It is more of a cheap opportunity to embarrass the young men on the football team.

Moffitt posted a sign in his window calling out a handful of members on the team. Here is what the sign read:

Attention NFL Scouts: The following athletes miss workouts and always have an excuse. These men lack the self discipline and motivation to take care of their responsibilities. I will not answer questions regarding their performance numbers or character as they care only about themselves.

Moffitt then went on to name ten players from the team. Perhaps the most surprising name on Moffitt’s snarky little sign was defensive end/outisde linebacker prospect Sam Montgomery. Montgomery is viewed by many NFL draft scouts to be a first-round talent and should hear his name called in the first 32 picks of April’s draft.

Here is an image of the sign outside of the LSU strength room:

Moffitt responded to the image making the rounds by sending out a tweet of his own calling the sign “old news.”

It is certainly an interesting motivational technique to publicly embarrass your players. But hey, whatever works for you.

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  • Mandy Shrouder Harper

    So what? He called out a bunch of mollycoddled cry babies. Big deal. Ooooh, let’s not hurt wittle Joey’s feelings. What the heck happened to pride & hard work ethic? I’m sick beyond reason of “political correctness”. Take PC and shove it where tje sun don’t shine. Maybe these buncha pansies will get off their scholarship behinds & unearned grades & actually WORK for something for change. Hey! There’s a concept!!!

  • Jerry Hatchett

    Good for the coach. Actions have consequences.

  • BayouKiki

    What are you? 12? I’m sure over the years those guys have heard a lot more than that