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Cleveland Browns Fire Head Coach Pat Shurmur, G.M. Tom Heckert

In yet another completely expected firing in the NFL on Black Monday, the Cleveland Browns have told head coach Pat Shurmur he’s been fired, according to Jay Glazer. The writing was on the wall for Shurmur, who was expected to be fired as soon as it was announced that the team’s ownership had changed hands to Jimmy Haslam.

Shurmur had completed his second season as the Browns head coach on Sunday before being fired the following day.

General manager Tom Heckert is also out in Cleveland as well, per league sources via It was reported a few days ago that both the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills are expected to clean house on Black Monday, and so far it’s looking like one of those teams is fulfilling the prophecy.

In Shurmur’s defense, his firing is more of a technicality than it is a reflection of his coaching. When a new owner comes in, they like to make things look they way they envision it. Shurmur’s not the Coach of the Year, but he’s not an awful coach either. In his first season, he never fully got to know his players or install his system thanks to a lockout that robbed him of his offseason. In his second season, Shurmur had just finished installing his system whn the team was sold and his fate was thrown up in the air.

So he never really got his footing in Cleveland.

But as the cliche goes, the NFL is a business and not a charity. Shurmur may have kept his job is he had lead the Browns to the playoffs, but he lead them to a below average record and with the regime change, that’s not good enough. He’ll find a job somewhere else very soon, it just won’t be anywhere near the Cleveland Browns.

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