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Dick's Sporting Goods Takes Shot At Tim Tebow With New York Jets Display (Photo)

Times are rough for New York Jets personal punt protector/clipboard holder Tim Tebow these days. Not only did the Jets trick Tebow into thinking he would have an opportunity to play when he joined the team, but he was passed over by former SEC rival Greg McElroy when there was finally an opening in the starting line up.

It appears that Tebow is all but done in New York and he will find a new home next season.

While Tebow was the subject of many jokes during the season, perhaps no one has taken a better shot at the former Florida Gator than a sports retail store. That’s right, a local New York City Dick’s Sporting Goods took a shot at Tebow with their Jets team display. You have to see it to believe it.

Enjoy the hilarity:

Photo via Twitter (@DarrenRovell)

Man, that’s a tough break for Tebow. Even in sporting goods stores, he was shown the bench.

Hopefully Tebow will get a fair crack at playing quarterback next season when he finds a new home. If not, he will continue to bring smiles to our faces when the jokesters use him as their subject.

UPDATE: It turns out that the original image that was circulated was cropped and did not show the entire display. When you see the entire display, you can see that the set up was not meant to take a shot at Tebow.

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