Phil Taylor takes aim against Kevin Painter. Mandatory Photo Credit: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Should Darts Become An Olympic Sport?

This year’s PDC World Championship drew a lot of attention when dart master Phil Taylor was competing for his sixteenth world championship. After an entertaining final against Dutchman Michael van Gerwen, Taylor earned the 7-4 victory and once again was a world championship.

The atmosphere and entertainment factor of the event led many to question whether or not darts should be an Olympic sport.

There are currently seven sports that are bidding to be accepted as events for the 2020 Olympics. Those sports include karate, squash, baseball/softball, roller sports, sports climbing, wakeboarding and wushu. While darts is not up for a bid, Taylor would love to see it accepted in to the Olympics.

You’d have a good atmosphere, it’d be exciting to watch,” Taylor said.

“If we got in there [the Olympics] I’d be chuffed to bits. I don’t think it’ll be in my lifetime but you never know.

“I think the problem is, if you put darts in there, then another sport has got to drop out and I don’t think that’s fair. They’ve been there and we’re taking their place, I suppose.”

Former British Olympic Association director of sport Sir Clive Woodward echoed the idea that darts should be accepted in to the Olympics as a sport.

I was initially unsure of how to respond to darts as a potential Olympic sport, so I searched the web for videos of dart match broadcasts. I have to admit: If darts was is in the Olympics, it would become my guilty pleasure like archery became during the 2012 London Olympics.

The concentration and intensity that the throwers bring to the line is captivating and keeps you at the edge of your seat. I don’t know about all of you, but you can count me on board the “Get Darts in the Olympics” campaign.

Check out some of the greatness of darts with this nine dart finish by Taylor:

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