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Florida Gators' Darrin Kitchens Sang Alma Mater Alone On Field After Bowl Game Loss

It has become a tradition of the Florida Gators football team to walk over to the band section after the final whistle to sing the university’s alma mater with the band. But when Florida suffered an embarrassing 33-23 loss to Louisville in the Allstate Sugar Bowl, most of the players bolted for the locker room.

In fact, all but one player left the field following the loss. The lone player remaining was junior linebacker Darrin Kitchens.

Kitchens went over to the band section, removed his helmet and held it high in the air, proud to be a Florida Gator. He was the only player singing the alma mater after the game but that didn’t stop him from singing his final fight song of the season.

Kitchens did not play in the game, but his pride for the school was unmatched.

Here is an image of Kitchens singing alone following the Sugar Bowl loss:

It was a great gesture by Kitchens and a move that likely meant a lot to the band members. Win or lose, you cannot question Kitchens school pride. It’s a shame that his teammates did not join him in the celebration of their university.

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  • ღ Shari ღ

    God Bless you Mr. Kitchens. It’s players like you that really make college football special.

  • Matt W

    from a uga fan, that’s incredible. I respect that guy for his love of his school more than most anybody. That’s just awesome.

  • Karl Cain

    It’s too late. The cow has left the barn. No way to set the record straight. Any other cliche’s please add them here. Problem with this story is that the Gators have been singing the alma mater only after WINNING games. They should do it every game. I guess Kitchens didn’t get the memo or he just felt it neccessary to re-assert his loyalty.

    • allyHM

      Not true. When TT was QB, they sang it after every single game, without fail. Can’t say as I noticed if that’s true or not under Muschamp’s leadership, but your argument is based on incomplete info. God bless Mr. Kitchens for showing what true class and sportsmanship is about.

      • jack

        Meyer had a policy while he was there that they’d sing it after every game regardless of outcome. That has not been done after losses since Meyer left.

  • feistyone39

    He’s the Gator with CLASS, from an Auburn Tiger….

  • Dana Healy Whatley

    That is awesome of Mr. Kitchens!! Too bad his team mates did/do not feel loyalty to the University. It says A LOT about their true agenda!!!

  • davewakeman

    Even if you aren’t a Gator, you have to respect that move by Kitchens.

    • Josh Sanchez

      Completely agree. Total show of class by the young man.

  • Mark Williams

    From Dawg Fan = Love it ! Good Job DK !

  • Tom Perkins

    What a classy gesture. I’m an FSU grad and fan, but hats off to Mr. Kitchens for his display of school pride and good sportsmanship. His parents are surely proud.

  • Alan Lively

    Texas Aggie checking in to say: “very classy Mr. Kitchens!” You are a fine example for young fans of college football!