(GIF) Referee Takes a Fall During Texas A&M's Cotton Bowl Victory

The 2013 Cotton Bowl was all about Johnny Football and Texas A&M. If the entire season up until that point hadn’t been a coming out party for Johnny Manziel, the Cotton Bowl was it. A month after winning the Heisman Trophy and making history in doing so, Manziel went ham on the Sooners defense, racking up over 500 yards of total offense all by himself.

But while it was an amazing performance by Johnny Football, there were some less than flattering moments in the game. Most people will try to get analytical and point to the Sooners defense (or lack thereof) as the most embarrassing part of the night. But not us, instead we’re pointing to the guy who fell down as the low-point (or high point depending on who you were rooting for) of the night.

The game was already getting out of hand, and either one referee thought he’d imitate the Sooners defense or he forgot to tie his shoes. Either way, after placing the ball at the line of scrimmage, the umpire went back and back and back and then fell onto his ass.

Ironically, the TV announcers were talking about how on a previous play, they’ve never seen a guy do that without being touched. We in the business like to call that foreshadowing folks, and boy was the pay off spectacular.

Lucky for the refs, the biggest mention they got from the game was how they had marbles in their shoes, which for a referee means you didn’t blow any major calls while you were actually standing on your feet.

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