Barrett Jones Shoves A.J. McCarron During BCS Championship Game (GIF)

Things got seriously heated when they really shouldn’t have in the BCS Championship game. Up 42-14 late in the fourth quarter, Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron got into with his center Barrett Jones over who would be calling the play. McCarron wanted one play, and Jones was clearly calling out another one against McCarron’s wishes.

McCarron flamboyantly called a timeout and got into Jones’ face. The massive center was not having any of what his quarterback was saying and shoved McCarron out of his face. Alabama had to punt the ball, but on their way to the sidelines, McCarron was still jawing at Jones who was walking very far away from him.


The weirdest part of this whole ordeal was that the Crimson Tide were up 42-14 at the time.

McCarron admitted that at practices this year, he’d regularly get into it with Jones, but it would never boil over into anything physical. In fact, McCarron and Jones room with each other when they’re on the road and have a very close relationship.

After the game, Barrett Jones said that it was a snap count issue.

“We were on a snap count, I was right but it’s whatever,” he laughed. “It’s truly a caring relationship.”

Alabama won the game, McCarron and Jones both apologized to each other after the game so no harm was really done. But one thing that was put on display is the intensity this team has, even when they’re up 42-14.

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