Miami Dolphins To Unveil New Logo Before 2013 NFL Draft

The Miami Dolphins have made it clear that it is time for a change and that will begin with a new logo for the 2013-14 NFL season. While it was known that the Dolphins would be sporting a new logo next season, Miami owner Stephen Ross made it official on Monday when he told the media that the Dolphins new logo would be unveiled before the 2013 NFL Draft, which takes place April 25-27.

We’re looking at it, finalizing it, but I’m excited,” Ross said, per the Palm Beach Post. “It’s time for an update.”

There has been one logo that has been leaked and circulating on the web that is reportedly “very close” to what the Dolphins new logo will look like. Here is the image that is floating around.

If that is the new logo for Miami, Dolphins fans should be happy.

The rumored new logo still pays tribute to the classic look, while adding a modern flare that will look nice on the field with some slick new Nike uniforms.

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  • RockyFortune

    you can polish a turd..but its still a turd.

  • C. Warnock

    new uniform is not going to win us any games. love the fins. but its hard to watch them loose 8 to 11 games every year. and new uniforms aint changing that.the proud franchise that was the dolphins is now just another below avrg. team quit being a side show and get back to winnning games.

    • -ϕ- Tadat Reinier

      Broncos, Pats, S-Hawks, Rams, Falcons, and Buc’s seem they had better results with their new outfits.

  • Robert Hall

    This almost looks like a toy jumbo jet. I’m not sure I like it

  • -ϕ- Tadat Reinier

    Looks like a 70′s love boat brand. IMO this one is way better

  • Brett Cassiuslynnclay Trost

    dude are you on drugs. this looks horrible. it looks like they didn’t even try with this logo. if this is it, and thats what our new logo will look like im only buying gear with the current logo on it. The rumored logo just looks so plain and drreadful with no detail or anything. I think it’s pretty awful that, this is what they want our logo to be. this sucks because they really had an oppurtunity to do something special and make our logo look really cool or tough, and instead it look like they wanted to go with a miami hotel loge.


    Looks like the Williams sisters came up with a great logo. We are stuck with the “Aqua and Orange” – not exactly intimidating to start with…why not put a tube-steak on the helmet to really put the fear-of-god in opponents and make the fans feel like we are going to kick-ass! Other logo changes (Buffalo, NE, Den) went aggressive, if this is ours, we are totally “tucking-it-back”. The dumb-ass chicks in the stands will totally love it…are the dudes going to lay-down to defend it? Good for $10MM in retail sales while (once again) abandoning the heritage. Another great job by Ross (et al). Joe Robbie spins in his grave once more….

    For the record, if we have to change, its this!