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Photo: Annika Sorenstam Cuts off Her Finger, Tweets the Aftermath

The queen of golfing said it best herself when she tweeted it: don’t look (or in this case read) if you can’t handle it. Retired LPGA golfer Annika Sorenstam accidentally cut off a chunk of her finger last Thursday and rather than seeking immediate medical attention, she did what any normal person apparently would do — she snapped a picture of her mangled finger and tweeted it out to her followers.

Insert your cheesy man she really sliced that one jokes here.

Here’s the picture that is on the other side of the link Sorenstam tweeted. Be careful, it’s not terribly graphic but it’s still going to make you turn away a little. So be warned:

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Okay maybe she sought medical attention first, as the finger is clearly sewn up, but it seems that the chunk of her finger she sliced off is now gone for good, and Annika Sorenstam’s peace sign will forever be lopsided. Sorenstam apparently sliced her finger last Thursday while cutting turkey, so the wound is a week old.

And given that Bode Miller’s wife Morgan tweeted an actually graphic photo of her face post getting it destroyed by a golf ball, Sorenstam really oversold how gross the picture would be. Morgan Miller gave us no warning, Annika Sorenstam showed us a hand that know has a stubby index finger.

But still, the truly unfortunate thing about all this is that turkey is forever linked to Sorenstam’s mangled stub if a finger, which is going to make Thanksgiving really hard next year on all of us.


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