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Marshawn Lynch Fumbles After Being Punched in the Groin (GIF)

The Seattle Seahawks are off to a slow start in their NFC divisional round matchup agains the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome. Seattle has come out looking flat and turned the ball over, providing Atlanta with an opportunity to get rolling early.

In the first quarter, running back Marshawn Lynch put the ball on the turf, but it was after further review that we all understand why.

When he was trotting through the heart of the Falcons defense with the rock in his hand, he was struck in the groin and fumbled shortly after. Any man can sympathize with the pain that was felt by Lynch on the play and the fumble added insult to injury.

Here is a GIF of the play:


If anything will make Marshawn Lynch angry, it’s a strike to the groin. The Falcons defense needs to hope Lynch does not go into full “Beast Mode.”

Atlanta currently holds the lead in the second quarter, 10-0.

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