Jori Lehtera Scores Nifty Penalty Shot at KHL All-Star Game (Video)

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The NHL lockout is finally over and American hockey fans are preparing to enjoy some great action on U.S. soil. While there was no hockey going on in the United States, hockey leagues around the world were still playing on without a hitch. With hockey fever back in full pitch, a video of Finnish pro player Jori Lehtera scoring an unbelievable penalty shot at the KHL All-Star game has surfaced.

People may not have paid attention to the KHL while it was going on over the past few months, but you can’t ignore this incredible goal from Lehtera.

Lehtera skated down the ice and absolutely fooled the goalkeeper. It may be the first penalty shot to actually be scored without ever being shot. Don’t understand how that is possible? Watch the video:

How incredible was that? It is definitely a candidate for goal of the year and the NHL will have a tough act to follow.

[H/T: SI Hot Clicks]

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