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Lance Armstrong, Oprah Interview: Cyclist Apologized To Community Before Sit-Down

Lance Armstrong is expected to finally make an admission during an interview with Oprah on Monday that he used illegal drugs and was part of one of the biggest lies and doping scandals in sports history. Armstrong is expected to come clean to Oprah, but he took some steps prior to the interview to speak individually with come in the cycling community.

Per the Washington Post, Armstrong called numerous members of the cycling community that he had personally lied to or deceived in any way.

Monday’s interview with Oprah will be Armstrong’s first comments since the major accusations spread from the U.S. Anti Doping Agency.

Armstrong’s interview will be edited into a 90-minute special that will air on the OWN cable network and be streamed online on Thursday. He is hoping that the admission will help clean up his image. After the major accusations, Armstrong saw many of his longtime sponsors pull their endorsements.

Armstrong may be hoping to clean up his reputation, but the lie went on for too long and the amount of people he misled are unimaginable.

The cyclists may have good intentions with the admission of doping, but it is too little, too late.

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