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Chip Kelly Hired By Philadelphia Eagles

After flirting with a couple of NFL teams, Oregon head coach Chip Kelly has decided to accept a job as the next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The move was first reported by ESPN’s Chris Mortenson.

Wow. This is a stunning development. Kelly had serious talks with the Cleveland Browns and Eagles last week before deciding recommitting to remaining at Oregon.

Kelly will likely bring his fast-paced, innovative style of offense to Philly. It will be interesting to see if his system can work in the pros.

The news, if true, is unlikely to be received well in Cleveland and Oregon.

What do you guys think? Will Kelly succeed in Philly?

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  • Patrick Allen

    Pretty shady for him to tell Oregon he was coming back like that. Wonder what Phiily offered to up the ante?

  • Paul Finkley

    No. That silly spread offense will not work in the NFL. Players in the NFL are to seasoned to run around like a bunch chickens with there heads cut off. Defensive players are going to eat that shit up in the NFL. Those guys get paid a lot of money to stay in one place. Those linemen are not going top chase after someone with the ball. They get paid to stay in one spot and let the ball come to them.