Sochi Olympic organizers unveiled the torch for the 2014 Winter Games. Mandatory Photo Credit: NBC Sports

2014 Winter Olympics: Alex Ovechkin to Be Torchbearer For Sochi Games

Russian NHL star Alex Ovechkin has made it clear that he would like to play in the 2014 Sochi Olympics because of the magnitude and meaning it has to him as hockey player competing in his own country.

“To be honest I didn’t think about it right now,” Ovechkin said, via the Washington Post. “It doesn’t matter what they’re going to say to me. Of course it means a lot for everybody, for all the Russians. I’ve been in Olympic games and I know exactly how it feel to play there. It’s pretty big, biggest event in the world.”

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Not only does Ovechkin plan to play in the games, but he will be a big part of the pre-game ceremonies.

Ovechkin is set to be a part of the longest torch relay in Winter Olympics history. The Olympic torch relay will begin on October 7 and track a course that spans 65,000 kilometers. Ovechkin said that he is proud to be a part of the event and be a torchbearer in his hometown.

“I’m very happy and it means a lot to me,” Ovechkin said.

The NHL star has partnered with Coca Cola for a commercial that shows him bearing the futuristic torch, but it is in Russian so you likely will not be  able to understand what is being said, but at least you can catch the gist of things while watching the video. Check it out:

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