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Johnny Manziel Gets Speeding Ticket; Judge Posts About Ticket on Facebook

Johnny Manziel chats it up with Los Angeles Clippers star Chris Paul. Mandatory Photo Credit: US PRESSWIRE

Just a few days after Texas A&M Aggies star quarterback Johnny Manziel’s parents were met by the school’s athletic director to discuss their sons future and how he has been handling himself off the field, Johnny Football has had a minor scrape with the law and will be slapped with a fine.

Manziel did nothing completely out of line and likely something that we have all done a few times, but he was caught by the police. What did Manziel get hit with? A simple speeding ticket near Ennis, Texas.

While Manziel is in some minor trouble, the judge on the case, Lee Johnson, a graduate of Baylor, could be in some trouble himself after posting about the speeding ticket on Facebook. Whoops. Here is the screenshot:

While the judge on the case could be in some trouble, we need to focus on Manziel here. He has been careless since winning the Heisman Trophy and has not represented the Heisman brand in any way, shape or form. In fact, Manziel has been everything that you don’t want from a Heisman winner.

It may be unfair to put the spotlight on a young kid and ask him to settle down and not celebrate his success like most kids would do, but the spotlight and added pressure to do what is right comes with the terriory of being a part of the Heisman fraternity.

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