Manti Te'o and The Real Girl (Video)

We’re now two days into the Manti Te’o hoax scandal, and just about everyone is having a crack at the young man and his odd predicament. “Te’o-ing” is a new phenomenon in the same vein as “Tebowing” where people take pictures of themselves hugging imaginary girlfriends to simulate Manti Te’o’s relationship with Lennay Kekua.

We are now getting the first wave of video tributes to the scandal, and so far only one truly takes the cake. “Manti and the Real Girl” is a play on the 2007 dramedy film “Lars and the Real Girl” in which Ryan Gosling plays an awkward anti-social man who claims to have met a girl over the internet. When he introduces his date to his sister and her husband, it turns out the girl he formed a relationship with is actually a lifelike doll Lars ordered from a sex shop.

Naturally, the Te’o parody writes itself into the film, and someone cut a trailer that superimposes Te’o’s face over Gosling’s. The result is golden.

As more and more details emerge from the scandal that suggest Te’o was in fact duped, the easier and easier it is to make light of the situation. “Manti and the Real Girl” is perhaps the funniest and most biting example of how humorous this whole situation really is when you break it down to it’s core.

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