2013 Senior Bowl: Denard Robinson Signs Autograph for Ohio State Fan After Practice (Photo)

Michigan Wolverines star Denard Robinson is currently in the middle of one of the most important job interviews of his life at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.

Robinson is making the transition from quarterback to wide receiver and has looked impressive during the transition. Unlike quarterbacks switching positions in the past, Robinson is such a fluid athlete that his transition to wide out have been very smooth. Robinson has even been able to gain separation from an impressive group of Senior Bowl cornerbacks.

We may have received a taste of just how much Robinson has been impressing those in attendance in Mobile following practice earlier in the week. Robinson was being circled by media members, when an Ohio State Buckeyes fan approached him.

It wasn’t the same kind of reception that Robinson was used to in the past from Buckeyes fans. This time, he was approached with respect and was asked to give his autograph. Putting his college rivalry behind him, Robinson took hold of the pen and put his signature on the paper.

Here is an image of the exchange between Robinson and the starstruck Ohio State fan:

How would you feel about getting an autograph from a player that attended your rival university once he has moved on from the school? Is it still too early to move on from the college allegiance when the player is still preparing for the NFL Draft or is it fair game once he no longer suits up for the rival squad?

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