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Charlotte Bobcats Stumble Into Amazing Gerald Henderson Game-Winner (Video)

After the Charlotte Bobcats almost turned the ball over about 700 times, Kemba Walker remembered how to dribble a basketball and got it on to the hands of Gerald Henderson. Henderson then proceeded to pump-fake a couple of times, almost travel once and nail a tough long-distance three-pointer to sink the Minnesota Timberwolves.

It was as Keystone Cops as it gets, but some how the Bobcats managed to get the ball into the basketball. Not only is this a hard thing for them to do on any given night, but just the improbable way they managed to score a game winning bucket deserves to be the top play on every highlight  show on the planet.

Half of the brilliance of this play – if you can call it that – came from Bismack Biyombo and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s amazing save. Right? Check it out, just like coach drew it up:

Bobcats gonna bob, or something like that. They won the game so they ultimately get the last laugh — for tonight anyways.

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  • Guest

    nice way to try to joke them but bottom line is they came back from down 11. If they were that bad they wouldn’t have been in the game to begin with. For it to come down to a last minute basket means this was two teams balling out.Not one team that stumbled its way to a win. Yes the last play was broken but that happens sometimes. smh

  • JAE

    MKG saved the ball not Bismack…Did you watch any of the game? Do you watch any Bobcats games or do you just skim by and write what you think people want to hear. If you watched the games you would see that they are in most of them all the way until the end. Its a matter of having a young team that needs time to learn how to close these games out. They have talent