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Super Bowl 2013: Ray Lewis' Son Gets Harassed on Twitter By Bitter Critics

Ray Lewis remains the most polarizing figure in pro football — and likely pro sports in general. No man has as many people loyally in his corner as he has venomously throwing flaming balls of hatred at him than Ray Lewis. Every since he stood trial in 2001 for the murder of two men in Atlanta, Lewis has either been the face of redemption or the face of a man who got away with it.

The United States judicial system says Ray Lewis didn’t do anything wrong 13 years ago outside of a bar in Atlanta. But more than a few people think he did and they’ve gone beyond harassing the man himself and have begun to attack his family.

Ray Lewis III is the oldest son of Lewis and his ex-girlfriend Tatyana McCall, and is currently preparing to play college football at his father’s alma mater, the University of Miami. But while RLIII has even less to do with the murders that took place back in 2001, they’ve become a part of his life nonetheless and people routinely remind him on Twitter what they think of his dad.

In a recent profile of the family by WKMG in Orlando, McCall said that while the family was celebrating Lewis’ victory in the AFC Championship game, some people began to rain on the parade.

“We’re all celebrating and Ray-Ray casually walks into the kitchen and shows me a tweet on his cell phone,” McCall said. “Someone tweeted to him, ‘How does it feel to have a father who’s a murderer?’ So Ray Ray said, ‘So what should I say?’ And I said, ‘What do you think you should say? Is your father a murderer?’”

It’s one thing to attack Ray Lewis, the man who actually stood trial for murders he legally didn’t commit, but it’s another thing to attack his family for the things Lewis did or didn’t do that night in January. “Ray-Ray” was around 8 years old when his father stood trial, and did nothing to deserve any backlash upset fans want to throw at him.

McCall and Lewis aren’t together anymore but she’s the mother of two of his five children and has been in his life for around 20 years. She defended Lewis basically saying that he’s got a past, and there’s not many people on this planet that don’t.

We may not all have a murder rap in our past, but there’s not a lot of good reasons why people have to make Ray Lewis III pay for sins his father has already been absolved from.


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