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Super Bowl 2013 Commercials: Kate Upton Featured in Mercedes-Benz Ad

The fine folks at Mercedes-Benz, the proud sponsor of the Superdome which hosts Super Bowl XLVII, unveiled their commercial for the big game. Their Super Bowl ad features a star-studded cast that includes Usher, Willem Dafoe and the always lovely Kate Upton. Mercedes’ commercial is for their all-new CLA-Class — something that everyone watching is just going to jump out of their seats to go buy, right?

The good news? Mercedes describes the all-new CLA as a “highly stylized coupe at a lower price that is aimed at younger car buyers. And hey, we get to see some Kate Upton.

“We felt like this was an opportunity to introduce Mercedes Benz to a much broader audience, to folks who probably wouldn’t have ever considered a Mercedes Benz,” company president and CEO Steve Cannon said.

The Super Bowl ad reportedly cost Mercedes in the eight-figure range.

Here is the Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl XLVII ad for your viewing pleasure:

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