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Super Bowl MVP 2013: Joe Flacco Wins Super Bowl XLVII MVP

The story heading into the Super Bowl was all about the Harbaugh brothers, but the biggest winner of Super Bowl XLVII is Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. After years of getting tossed aside as a second tier quarterback, Flacco has not only rose to the top of his profession and silenced his critics, he’s a Super Bowl MVP.

Many people thought that Flacco would be following in the tracks of Eli Manning, who was in the same position as Flacco was this season. But no more will we question whether or not Flacco can take the Ravens to the next level — because he’s taken them through the roof and into the stratosphere of the NFL.

Flacco tossed three touchdowns in the game and helped his team jump out to a 21-6 lead at halftime and he managed the game from there on out. The Niners tried to comeback and fluster Flacco, but he stayed in his own skin and managed to not throw an interception in either half of the game, something that ended up being a massive stat and factor in the Ravens win.

But beyond the touchdowns, Flacco held things together in the second half when the Niners were surging back. On a crucial third down, Flacco dialed up a brilliantly dead-on back shoulder pass to Anquan Boldin that kept the Ravens drive alive, allowed them to score and to eat up a ton of clock in the fourth quarter.

Never again will we ask whether or not Flacco is elite. Never again will we doubt his leadership or his ability to operate in the clutch. The Baltimore Ravens may have won the Super Bowl, but Joe Flacco, the Super Bowl MVP, owned it.

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