Iron Man 3 Super Bowl Ad Best Of The Trailer Bunch

You can have Johnny Depp taking a break from his Tim Burton bromance to play Tonto. The Lone Ranger is just an excuse for Disney to launch another popular theme park ride. You can have J.J. Abrams’ glorified Star Wars warm-up (even though Star Trek Into Darkness does look pretty damn good). You can have Fast and the Furious 137. I’ll take Tony Stark any day of the week, but especially on Super Bowl Sunday.

Iron Man has become as American as apple pie and athletes incessantly thanking god after winning games (I’m looking at you, Ray Lewis). America loves a comeback story, and even though the 49ers fell short of giving us one at Super Bowl XLVII, Robert Downey Jr. is in the midst of one of the greatest comebacks ever. Anywhere.

In this Iron Man 3 spot, a flying Shellhead has to rescue 13 passengers who are free-falling in the air after the back of a plane rips open. Problem is Jarvis informs Iron Man that he can only carry four at once. That’s when we’re left to ponder this predicament. Gotta love a cliffhanger.

This flick is going to be fantastic. Pumped about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director and Lethal Weapon creator Shane Black taking over as director. The old director, Jon Favreau, still appears in the flick  as Happy Hogan, Stark’s valet. Awkward!

Check out the trailer…

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