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Kentucky Wildcats Release Super Bowl Commercial to Boost Ticket Sales (Video)

One thing we’ve learned from Pepsi and other companies, is that if you release a killer Super Bowl commercial, your product will more than likely do very well that following year. While a commercial has little effect on a football team, the University of Kentucky is hoping it can have a big effect on ticket sales this season.

The Wildcats put out a Super Bowl commercial, which aired only in the Lexington area, in an effort to show their fans that they’re serious about football and that now is the time to get on board with the team.

In the commercial, new head coach Mark Stoops urges fans to buy tickets and fill Commonwealth Stadium this season, and that things are only going to go up from here on out for one of the most disappointing teams in college football. The commercial had a cool feel to it, but it might not be the sole reason Wildcat fans go out and purchase tickets.

If Pepsi produced the world’s coolest commercial, but their product was used spit tobacco in a can, nobody in their right mind would buy it. The Wildcats made an intriguing commercial, but they’re not teasing a major motion picture blockbuster, they’re trying to convince fans that a football team that has proven nothing so far is worth paying to see.

You’ve got to commend the Wildcats efforts though, as the commercial did get you a little excited. But wins need to come before people will be packing themselves into Commonwealth Stadium to see some Wildcats football.

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