Rob Gronkowski Offered $3.75M to Film a Porno Scene with BiBi Jones

Rob Gronkowski is the epitome of today’s metro-sexual man’s-man. He’s a rough and tough football player who plays on one of the most prestigious teams in the world, and he’s a Jersey Shore-wanna be party animal off the field. When Gronkowski isn’t hanging out in clubs playing the part of the life of the party, he’s hanging out with porn stars like we hang out with our Grandmothers.

Sorry for that image by the way.

Last year Gronkowski made headlines when he was photographed shirtless next to porn star BiBi Jones who was wearing nothing but his football jersey. The photo went viral and Gronkwski became a gawd to thousands of Bostonians. He insisted that the two were just friends, but that’s what everyone says when they don’t want to admit their bedding a porn star.

Tom Brady gets Victoria Secret models, Rob Gronkowski gets their reject porno equivalent. It’s just the nature of the beast in New England.

But while Gronkowski says he’s just friends with  Jones, an adult video production company wants them to act like more than just that in front of their cameras. The online company reportedly offered Gronkowski $3.75 million — which is his base salary for 2014– to film a scene for them that features himself with BiBi Jones, who conveniently just un-retired from the business.

“There is no question that Rob Gronkowski has what it takes to make an excellent male performer in today’s adult industry,” said in a press release. “He has proven both on and off the field that he has the body and the attitude to be a hugely popular male adult star.”

The move is a shameless PR stunt by whatever is (if you’re an online porn company with the most generic porn site name ever, just stop trying now). While there might not be specific language in the NFL Code of Conduct that prevents a player from appearing in a porno, it’s probably not the best idea to roll with.

But nevertheless, the legend of the Gronk only continues to grow and he’s seemingly tapped into a fan base that NFL players usually keep on the down-low.

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