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2013 NFL Draft: Ryan Nassib Excepted to Fully Participate at Combine

Thanks to the mystery atop the NFL Draft and the general blandness of the quarterback class in 2013, more and more signal callers are starting to give in and complete full workouts at the NFL Draft Combine next month. Last night it was reported Geno Smith would fully participate at the combine and Matt Barkley has committed as well. Add Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib to that list of players willing to fully commit themselves at the Draft Combine.

While it seems strange to have to confirm that a draft prospect is going to give it their all at the combine, here’s why it’s relevant. Usually, if an incoming quarterback is a lock as a “top-five” pick, they basically show up at the Combine to go through the motions rather than raise their stock. But this year we have an awfully mediocre class anyone that tries to argue otherwise is likely drunk on Kool-Aid given to them by one of the players agents.

Thankfully there’s not too many oblivious people looking at this class, but what no hype means is a lot of hard work by the quarterbacks when it comes to the Combine.

Nassib has seen his draft stock go all over the place, from second-to-third round value to top-ten value. It’s this kind of across the board mystery that has all the quarterbacks hoping to sneak into the first round working hard at making sure teams are left with the best possible impression of them.

There is no guarantee that the combine will help Nassib’s stock but showing up and giving 110 percent effort isn’t going to hurt either. At the very least, Nassib secures his stock as a second day pick, but at this point anything is possible when it comes to the so-so quarterback class we have in the 2013 NFL Draft.

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