NHL Announces New Draft Lottery Rules

A big factor in the new collective bargaining agreement for the NHL was how the Draft Lottery would work for teams that fail to make the postseason.

Under the previous CBA rules, the winner of the lottery could only move up a maximum of four spots in the the draft. It meant that only the bottom five teams had a chance at the number one overall pick. However, all that has changed.

The NHL has taken a page out of the NBA book, and now every team that fails to qualify for the playoffs gets a shot at the first overall selection. Which means that the worst team in the NHL now only has a 25% chance of keeping their top pick instead of a 48.2% chance. And although each team now has a chance to pick first, that doesn’t mean there is any change in the odd’s each team has to win the lottery.

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According to TSN’s Bob McKenzie, the lottery odds will not be changing this season. That means that the odds, at least for this year’s draft lottery, will be as follows:

30th place team – 25.0%
29th place team – 18.8%
28th place team – 14.2%
27th place team – 10.7%
26th place team – 8.1%
25th place team – 6.2%
24th place team – 4.7%
23rd place team – 3.6%
22nd place team – 2.7%
21st place team – 2.1%
20th place team – 1.5%
19th place team – 1.1%
18th place team – 0.8%
17th place team – 0.5%

 The 2013 NHL Entry draft will be held on June 30th with the NHL Lottery being held on April 29th, the day before the Stanley Cup playoffs start.

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