UFC 157 Results: Robbie Lawler Stops Josh Koscheck in the First Round

Robbie Lawler finally returned to the Octagon — a place he hadn’t been in eight long years. Back when Anderson Silva wasn’t even in the UFC yet and Jon Jones was only 19. Yeah, it’s been a while. His UFC rust was shaken off early in his return bout against Josh Koscheck. Lawler defeated his opponent before the first round could even end. That was a bit surprising, because early on it appeared that Koscheck was going to be able to overpower Lawler with his signature wrestling style.

Koscheck got Lawler on his back early on in the round and was able to keep control after his first takedown of the night. Lawler scrambled to get back onto his feet and Koscheck looked ready to end the fight in the first. Little did he know, there was about to be a serious reversal of fortune.

After Koscheck controlled the fight early, Lawler was able to get out of a single-leg attempt and had Koscheck on his hands and knees. It was here that Lawler saw his opening and he took full advantage of it, landing some devastating hits, getting Koscheck back up against the fence. Lawler’s assault was relentless and only ended when referee Herb Dean stepped in at the 3:56 mark and ended the fight.

Some fans are still protesting that the fight was ended too early, but the quick change in momentum proved that had the fight gone on, Lawler likely was going to find a way to win anyways. “It feels great (to be back in the UFC),” Lawler said after the fight. “I felt good tonight. I was raining down hard shots. He was going to take a beating, and he wasn’t coming back.”

Despite the fact that he’s been away from UFC for so long, Robbie Lawler appears to be back and he couldn’t have returned in a bigger or badder way. Watch out, 170 pounders!

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