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Oscars 2013: Ed Reed Gets Razzed by George Clooney on the Red Carpet

The 85th Annual Academy Awards were last night and everyone who was anyone showed up on the Red Carpet, including Super Bowl champion Ed Reed. The Baltimore Ravens safety made an appearance on the Red Carpet outside the Dolby Theater on Sunday to snag some interviews for Rich Eisen’s podcast. The NFL Network is keeping all recordings of the interviews in-house at the moment, but one interview has leaked out and it shows that even Hollywood’s elite aren’t immune to the pain of watching their teams lose.

George Clooney won Best Picture on Sunday for his work producing Argo, but before the ceremony he had a chance to talk to Ed Reed and he gave him a little piece of his mind over how Reed broke his heart when he beat Clooney’s beloved Cincinnati Bengals.

“You hurt me bad, I’m a Bengals fan.” Clooney jokingly moaned to the Super Bowl champion safety. Clooney and Reed shared their little moment with Clooney busting out his trademark charm and Reed appearing to be a bit start-struck. Clooney ended the little razz session by congratulating Reed on winning the Super Bowl before heading inside to accept his Oscar.

It’s not often that we get to see the world of Hollywood and the NFL mix the way it did on the red carpet on Sunday. This isn’t the NBA where A-listers are basically given seats on the laps of stars players, so when an NFL legend like Reed meets up with a screen legend like Clooney, the moment is one of the rarities we enjoy in life.

But even if his Bengals did get beat by Reed and the Ravens, at the end of the day Ed Reed has a Super Bowl ring and George Clooney has yet another Oscar to take his mind off his favorite team’s losing way.

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