Dec 2, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins tackle Jake Long (77) is introduced before a game against the New England Patriots at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Free Agency Rumors: Jake Long to the Chicago Bears?

Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Jake Long is set to hit the open market once NFL free agency begins and he is expected to generate a lot of interest. As the top available tackle on the market, teams will be fighting for Long’s services and one of those teams involved in the talks could be a NFC contender.

During an appearance on ESPN on Saturday, analyst John Clayton suggested that Long “could go to Chicago.”

It would be a great addition for the Bears, who need offensive line help and it would be a move that would surely excite quarterback Jay Cutler.

It is a move that would make perfect sense for both sides. The Bears would get the franchise tackle they are looking for, while Long would get to play on one of the better teams in the league and have a shot at making the playoffs.

What do you think of the potential match? Should Chicago target Long on the free agent market?

Stay tuned to throughout free agency to stay up to date with the latest news and rumors from around the league.

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  • Styles


  • Guest

    I think he’ll command too much money…

  • Tommy Gosling

    funny thing is chicago is on the way down and miami will be in the playoffs next year.

    • EJ

      Bol! Stop it. Dumbest thing I heard all week

      • Tommy Gosling

        put your money down idiot!

    • James Gordon

      give it a rest

    • Timothy Noonan

      im not a bear fan of dolphins fan..Just stop dolphins won’t sniff the playoffsfor at least 3 years

    • sf

      I disagree I think the Bears biggest problem was not having a offensive minded head coach (A brain) who knew how to get the ship right. I think they’ll surprise people. Cutler,Marshall, Forte, Bush, Jefferies, Bennett, Long, then draft an OL and TE. Get Urlacher on a 1-year deal to run the defense. The Bears vs Seahawks game was one of the best I had seen. The Bears will be contenders next season I have no doubt they just quit on Lovie because he was a lame duck.

  • Joe Klewer

    Obviously your a Dolphin fan and i’m sorry to disappoint you but anyone that has any knowledge of the game of football will tell you the Bears are closer to the playoffs than the Dolphins….but thanks for that I needed a laugh.

    • Tommy Gosling

      well lets look at who has better players. QB miami, WR’s even marshall is a cancer and brings the team down, RB miami, OL miami by far, DL miami, LB miami, DB’s Chicago, s miami, coaching miami, GM miami, owner miami.

      now 1 thing that works in Chicago favor big time is the refs. chicago made the playoffs in 2010 and won the div on 1 bad call in week one.

      miami player age 25.4, chicago’s 29.6 with almost every key starter over 30.

      chicago could not beat a team that did not draft in the top 10 last year. rams,colts,vikes, panthers, jags, cards, cowboys and vikes again.

      i live in chicago and i will take bets with anyone that miami will make the playoffs and chicago will not. put up or shut up. chicago will be lucky to win 6 games next year. they are the 4th best team in there division.

      • jake455

        Your funny tannehill didnt play lights out and your wrs were average other then hartline. Matt forte kills reggie bush sorry and lance briggs is one of the best olbs in the game and im sorry we had two pro bowl dl what did you have again? Jake long is only a spot ahead on pro football focus over jmarcus webb and webb is slow and terrible. Your team has so many holes not even funny were a guard linebacker and a TE from.being serious contenders and all of that can be taken care of in this offseason.

        • Tommy Gosling

          tannehill was just as good as Andrew luck with less weapons. both where much better than cutler ever was last year. Matt forte sucks and is old. miller is Miami’s RB and he will be a star next year. bears lost to every team that did not draft in the top 10 last year. miami has like 12 players that would be probowl worthy and they are all under 30 years old.

          bears needs QB,3WR’s,TE,RB,5OLmen, 3DLmen,3LB’s and 2 safety. then they need a coach and a owner that is not cheap. also i will take Hartline over Marshall any day of the week. no cancer players in miami. Marshall is ranked 79th in the NFL.drops everything and never shows up for big games. even with cutler forcing 70% of the offense his way. Miami’s offense improved without Marshall as the bears offense took a major step back with him. thanks for the draft picks.

          remember i am taking bets on who will have the better team this year. plz put your money where your mouth is.

          • DL

            Dumbest shit I ever read

          • Tommy Gosling

            only facts stupid. put your money where your fat mouth is. i live in addison il. i will be more than happy to take your money. bears are the cubs of the NFL.

      • brian jerome

        Ok ill bet you straight up 20 bucks that the dolphins wont make it

        • Tommy Gosling

          bet taken if you like to add more plz do. email me your number so we can meet up.

          • jake455

            Tommy miami sucks period. Tannehill is no where near luck haha and marshall makes your wrs look like average joes and your gm isnt that great he struck out on matt flynn and hes a back up haha save your pennies little boy

          • Tommy Gosling

            76.5 luck, 76.1 tanehill. ya you are right he is no where close to luck. luck had Wayne as tannehill had Hartline. learn your football little kid. Matt Flynn was offered 3 million by miami as sea overpaid for him idiot.

            remember to put your money where your mouth is.

            jay cutler ranked 24th on 2 first round draft picks for the 24th best QB in the NFL. even Matt Moore had better stats then cutler in 2011 and he is our back up. if you take out blown calls in 2010 the bears have no made the playoffs since 2006. ya they are a real power house lmfao.

          • Justin Alexander Harr

            Tommy you`re a moron and know nothing about football. Miami is one of the worst teams in the league. The Bears are a Guard, Left Tackle, and a Tide End away from contending for the Super Bowl next year. The Bears defense is top 3 in the league and they still have a couple strong years left in the tank.

      • Miami Jules

        You are surrounded by enemy bears my friend so I will be rooting for you. Look at the bright side, at least you’re not like my friend who goes by the username of newenglandfinfan because he lives in New England and is die-hard Dolphan …can you imagine that? To all your bear fans I ask… Can you all say PERFECT SEASON?

        • Larry Boodry

          Perfect season…When I was 11, lol! Your team sucks now, so keep living in the past.

      • Todd Lovell

        Dude your an idiot if you think Miami has a better team. Than Chicago ask anyone who is not a fan of either. When did Miami make the playoffs last. Marshal is a whole another category than Brian Hartline and you wrote are average at best.

      • Frank O’Dowd

        Wow your a total moron

      • Andy Dandy Hammel

        Go home, Dolphin-homer, you’re drunk. When’s the last time you paid attention to Marshall: he’s a far cry from a cancer. He hasn’t done anything to drag the team down, if anything he’s been the reason for some of the wins. Have you ever even watched the Bears? The Dolphins are only clearly superior to Chicago in the OL.
        Good job sucking at statistic interpretation, by the way. You have the football understanding of a 12-year-old who’s only experience with football is too many hours of Madden.

      • papabear

        Douche…wait for it bag!!!

      • Noah Yastrow

        How can you even pretend to be serious about the things you’re saying.
        They’re just flat out wrong. The only spot on your team that is better
        is o-line. That’s it, every NFL analyst/not stupid person would agree.
        And no, I don’t wanna meet up with you so we can make a bet. That’s
        weird so stop offering people that.

    • Jerry

      Well said! Bear down

  • Stu Miller

    Branden Albert or Jermon Bushrod are more realistic for the Bears and their cap situation.

  • Way Thompson

    I would get a center or gaurd instead. Long isn’t getting that many games in a season, as of late, and too much money.

  • EJ

    With Melton getting the Franchise Tag, I seriously doubt we will be able to sign long. Only have 4 or 5 mil left.

  • Oliver Lord Lion-o Hart

    I think Tommy Gosling is serious. Talk about rose colored glasses. Miami is no where in the conversation with the Bears. Lions maybe but Da Bears really???

    • Tommy Gosling

      bears are the 4th best team in their div and they have a coach from the CFL because no one wants to be on a sinking ship.

      • Todd Lovell

        You preach about numbers. Look at the bears measurables vs. Miami all day the bears defenses ranked better in almost every stat. More sacks and almost double the turnovers and the bears had 8 def. TDs. You really should look at the numbers before you run your mouth

  • Kris

    Does that mean he would give a discount to a contender, because if not bears don’t have enough money for him.

  • Tim Foster

    What are you smoking man. the Bears are a far better organization. with the exception of OL the Bears roster is the way better than Miami you might be right about coaching and owner though and the last time the Bears play Miami I think the score was 16 to 0 I’m just saying lol

    • Tommy Gosling

      7 and 3 all time record miami over the bears. bears play in the weakest division in the history of the nfl. the afc and nfc east are the hardest divisions. miami is the 2nd most winningest team in the history of the NFL the past 50 years as the bears are not even in the top 15.

    • Tommy Gosling

      also in 1985 the bears got a good old beat down by miami. the bears where 1 miami win away from never winning the SB. miami lost to the pats and knocked out the QB for them. miami vs chicago would of been just another beatdown that year.

      • Timothy Noonan

        super bowl super bears

  • DL

    Tommy G your a ducking dumbass everything u said is jus complety wrong and stupid learn the game then comment!!!BEAR DOWN

  • DL

    stop hating on Marshall your jus pissed your dumb ass team gave him up for a 3rd rbs pick. LOL idiots

  • Joe Klewer

    I applaud you for being excited about the new regime in miami you have every right to be excited about all the young unproven players on the roster but the sad fact is…..that doesn’t translate into wins. Look nobodys gonna question your fanhood you have some good points and I agree miami has a better OL, but your reaching on the rest sorry dude.

  • Larry Boodry

    Bears need to free up some major cap space to target anyone in free agency, and Long is out of their price range in any case…Unfortunately, Levitre probably is, too.

  • Andy Dandy Hammel

    To the guy who says practically everyone in Chicago needs to be replaced, here’s an intelligent analysis of Chicago’s offensive personnel (I don’t want the comment to be TOO long):

    Jay Cutler: Ideally he’d take a pay cut, but being in his contract year under a new HC makes that unlikely. Still, there’s no qualified replacements, and he’s a huge part of the offense. Very strong-armed, surprisingly mobile, and an emotional leader: he’s a key part of the offense. Why don’t you stick your precious Ryan Tannehill behind Chicago’s OL and see how he does compared to Cutler?

    Jason Campbell: Pay cut or release. Overpaid for his underachievement in his times to shine.

    Josh McCown: Serviceable safety net at QB for a cheap price. Keep him around.

    Matt Forte: Needs to be utilized more than he was last year, ideally with better blocking and more receiving opportunities. A much better RB than his stats from 2012 would lead you to believe.

    Michael Bush: Also underutilized, needs to see more goal-line and 3rd-and-inches touches. The guy is a truck, he’s the anti-Forte, and they can work very well together when used properly.

    Armando Allen: Good as a third RB, but not worth much more. Still, he only gets paid around 600k or so a year, so it’s hard to justify cutting him.

    Evan Rodriguez: Needs to be used more, running and receiving. Supposedly he’s a quality H-back, but I haven’t seen the coaches use him like one.

    Brandon Marshall: Were it not for Calvin Johnson this year, Cutler-Marshall would’ve set a new record for single-season targets. A crucial part of the offense that has helped the other receivers do their jobs better. Also, despite anything involving his past, he’s become one of the best personalities in the Bears’ locker room, and is clearly making an effort to aid in Jeffery’s development in particular.

    Alshon Jeffery: Limited playing time in 2012, but is most likely going to be lining up opposite of Marshall for the next several years. I like what I’ve seen out of him, and he should come back better in his sophomore season. We’ll see how he does after Marshall is done working with him in 1-on-1 practices in Florida.

    Earl Bennett: A good role-player in underneath routes who has chemistry with Cutler. Can be kept cheaply, and he should be.

    Devin Hester: He’s a part of Chicago Bears lore now, but he’s still grossly overpaid. I don’t want to release him, but if he doesn’t take a steep pay cut then he leaves Emery no choice.

    Eric Weems: I was wondering why he was on the roster, until Knox retired and the controversy surrounding Hester came up. Now, he’s most likely going to be the top KR/PR for the Bears. Emery thought several steps ahead here, even though in hindsight it seems like common sense.

    Kellen Davis: Get rid of this fool, he’s not worth half of what the Bears are paying him. A terrible receiver, and no better at blocking than Spaeth.

    Matt Spaeth: Kellen Davis at less than half of the price. Exceptional blocker, and a serviceable option in the red-zone due to his size.

    Kyle Adams: Very much a developmental/depth guy. If we need a 3rd TE, we have one. That’s about all I can say about him.

    J’Marcus Webb: Underrated as a run-blocker, despite having trouble at the second level. However, he doesn’t have the awareness to effectively pass-block from the LT position, and having to compensate for his inefficiency has often held back the whole team. I’d move him to RT behind Carimi and start over at the LT position.

    Chris Spencer: A decent G/C if he’s cheap enough, if only as a rotational guy. He’s what one would call a warm body.

    James Brown: I’d like to see Kromer work with him going into his sophomore season. As an undrafted FA, he doesn’t have huge amounts of pressure to overcome, just potential. It would be nice if he turns out well.

    Roberto Garza: Serviceable at center, better as a guard. Unfortunately, he’s the best C on the roster, and there’s no obvious replacements for the Bears to pick up. Still worth keeping around, he’s one of the better linemen on the team.

    Patrick Mannelly: One of the best longsnappers in the game, at a low price. He’s got to retire sometime though.

    Lance Louis: Being the best lineman on the team doesn’t mean much right now, but he’s worth keeping around as a potential starter, especially since he’s still only 26 or something. He’s at least good enough to start if he’s left to be a role player.

    Gabe Carimi: From what I can tell, he’s not much different from J’Marcus Webb, except for being slightly younger. He might be the next Chris Williams, or Kromer might make him into an exceptional T. We don’t know yet.

    Jonathan Scott: Decent as a backup tackle, worth keeping around if there isn’t a total overhaul on the line that pushes him out the bottom of the depth chart. He’s equatable to Chris Spencer, except Spencer is on the interior line whereas Scott is on the outside.

  • Andy Dandy Hammel

    Anyway, on topic now. I don’t want to see Jake Long in Chicago, he was good for a few years until he apparently started drinking his own Kool-Aid. Now, he’s not as good as his name-recognition makes him out to be, he’s lost a step in pass protection, he’s been injured frequently, and he’s going to demand a ludicrous amount of money all-things-considered. I liked Branden Albert, but he’s been tagged. Jermon Bushrod would be very nice on the OL, as would Andy Levitre on the IL. Either of those two would be a big boost to the unit, bringing in both of them would escalate the unit from weakness to strength spontaneously, without even considering the draft.

    As for LT specifically, I’d rather see Webb return than see Long come in. It sounds crazy, but considering the respective price tags, a new coaching staff with experience creating great OLs (Kromer and Trestman are both known for it), injury history, and the locker-room effect, just letting Webb return sounds better than picking up Long.

  • Jimmy Derossi

    Tommy is just a great representation of Miami fans. Stupid. The Dolphins will continue to be bottom feeders with an incompetent GM at the helm. Already bungled the whole Jeff Fisher deal and allowed the Bears to essentially steal Marshall. Great work. And when you have Mark Sanchez and Ryan Fitzpatrick in the same division, you are no longer allowed to say you have the best division. End of Story.

  • herp

    So much delusion ahahahahaha. Da Bears

  • JDR77

    Well, he “could” go to a handful of teams that have LT needs, John. After franchising Melton, the Bears have about $4 Mil in cap space to play with and they haven’t even signed their own FAs yet! Therefore, I do not see this happening unless a lot of contracts are terminated or miraculously re-worked as Jake Long is going to command quite the salary. Would love to have this guy on the Bears but just don’t see it happening.

  • theswigz

    He currently wants too much money (something around $11 mil/year?) but if the Bears are serious and can create the cap room, I certainly wouldn’t say no to adding him. It’s not like we have a ton of great talent to choose from on our o-line.

  • Marcus Odell Pumphrey


  • trafalgar

    Dolphins (7-9)
    Bears (10-6)