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Report: Steve Breaston Won't Undergo Regenokine Treatment

Steve Breaston is hitting the open market this upcoming week but he won’t be undergoing the revolutionary Regenokine knee treatment to help heal his banged up knees. It was speculated that Breaston would undergo the treatment but Ian Rapoport reported on Thursday that Breaston does not need the treatment but questions about his knee still exist.

The treatment involves removing blood from your body, incubating it and spinning it and then injecting it into the injured knee. It’s a marvel of modern medical science but somehow it works as Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez and other athletes have had the treatment done and come back as though the knee injury never happened.

Breaston was reportedly told he was “fine” when he was consulted about the treatment, according to Rapoport’s report. The treatment is widely used by athletes but isn’t yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration which still has some skeptical to participate. So far it seems to be working on those who try it but it’s still considered an underground treatment as it’s typically performed in Germany.

Both the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers showed an early interest in Breaston but they both dropped out of talks when questions about his knee arose. It’s expected that both teams will re-enter talks down the road in free agency but a quick signing is not expected.

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