High School Kicker Jonathan Semerene Kicks 70-Yard Field Goal (Video)

Cypress Bay High School in Weston, Florida has received some national attention over the past few years. Whether it was vice president Joe Biden giving the commencement address in 2012 or the school newspaper, The Circuit, being documented in a MTV series people have been hearing about the school. Now, thanks to kicker Jonathan Semerene, the school will be in the spotlight once again.

Semerene kicks for the football team and released a video with the help of coach Brandon Kornblue. What Semerene was able to pull off in the video was absolutely unreal and could make him a lot of money some day.

At the very least, it will start with a scholarship offer to play in college.

Semerene showed off his booming leg strength in the video and pulled off a kick from an unbelievable distance. The high school kicker was able to boot a 70-yard field goal, which seemed like something that would never be accomplished just a few years ago.

On top of the 70-yarder, Semerene nails a kick from 68-yards and 65-yards with ease.

Of course, it is not as hard to kick a field goal when you take out all of the variables which could change how the kick plays out. With no snap, no real hold and no rush coming your way, you can stay relaxed and putting everything into the kick with no pressure.

Still, the distance Semerene was able to get on his kicks was impressive.

Here is the video:

Do you think college teams will come calling for a chance to add one of the strongest legs I’ve ever seen to their program? We’ll have to see, but Jonathan Semerene is definitely a player that we should be keeping our eye on moving forward.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/AuburnJunky Jerry Jackson

    The ones greater than 50 would have been blocked due to trajectory.

    • http://twitter.com/jnsanchez Josh Sanchez

      Of course, but still shows off a ton of power

      • http://www.facebook.com/AuburnJunky Jerry Jackson


  • guardfist@yahoo.com

    Jonathan – you seem like a very mature, respectful, confident and mature young man. I wish you only the very best in whatever the future holds for you. All things are possible for those that believe. Well done, Sir, well done! Hooah!
    Tom Warrick, US Army (Retired)