Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote Betting Odds

The latest installment of EA Sports’ Madden NFL video game franchise is set to hit shelves on August 27 and it is a very special release. This year’s version of Madden NFL celebrates the video game franchise’s 25th anniversary and has been renamed Madden NFL 25 instead of Madden NFL 14.

Who will be the lucky athlete to grace the cover of the special edition?

This year, EA Sports is running a special cover vote that features some of the greatest young stars in the league and some of the game’s greats. The likes of Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders and Dan Marino represent the old school, while Colin Kaepernick, Andrew Luck, Adrian Peterson and Robert Griffin III are representing the rising stars.

There will be a vote held to determine who will be on the game’s cover, but when you look at the Vegas odds you can get an early idea of who are the favorites to be the Madden 25 cover athlete.

Odds to win the  Madden NFL 25th Anniversary Cover

  • Joe Montana (SF)                                  8/1
  • Barry Sanders (DET)                              8/1
  • Dan Marino (MIA)                                  9/1
  • Jerry Rice (SF)                                      9/1
  • Colin Kaepernick (SF)                            10/1
  • Robert Griffin III (WAS)                          10/1
  • Andrew Luck (IND)                                 12/1
  • Deion Sanders (ATL)                             16/1
  • Adrian Peterson (MIN)                            16/1
  • A.J. Green (CIN)                                    18/1
  • Kurt Warner (STL)                                  18/1
  • Randal Cunningham (PHI)                      18/1
  • Russell Wilson (SEA)                             18/1
  • Ray Lewis (BAL)                                    18/1
  • Troy Aikman (DAL)                                20/1
  • Victor Cruz (NYG)                                  25/1
  • Jim Kelly (BUF)                                     25/1
  • Marshall Faulk (STL)                              25/1
  • Arian Foster (HOU)                                25/1
  • Marcus Allen (KC)                                  35/1
  • Von Miller (DEN)                                   35/1
  • Dez Bryant (DAL)                                  35/1
  • Terrell Davis (DEN)                                50/1
  • Julio Jones (ATL)                                  50/1
  • LaDainian Tomlinson (SD)                      50/1
  • Ray Rice (BAL)                                      50/1
  • Michael Strahan (NYG)                           80/1
  • Chad Johnson (CIN)                              80/1
  • Trent Richardson (CLE)                          80/1
  • Field                                                     25/1

Who would you like to see grace the cover of Madden’s 25th anniversary edition?

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