Facebook Considering Copying Twitter's Hashtag

One of the greatest differences between social media platforms Facebook and Twitter, other than the lack of your elder relatives on the latter, is the use of the hashtag on your Twitter timeline. The hashtag — or pound sign — allows Twitter users to easily organize their tweets and search about specific topics.

Because of it’s success on Twitter, the #hashtag has been working it’s way on to Facebook since the company took over Instagram so that users can easily organize their photos.

Now, the hashtag could actually be incorporated in to the Facebook service.


That’s right, the fine folks at Facebook, who built the entire platform off of a stolen idea, are now considering taking one of the most iconic symbols in social media and using it as their own.


Facebook is working to draw in more mobile users that could be keen on switching to their leading competitor. Along with the mobile platforms, the hashtag has been huge for Twitter marketing and campaigning. Facebook is hoping for the same kind of success.

Mark Zuckerberg and company are currently testing the idea of whether or not to use the hashtag in the same nature as Twitter, but a decision won’t be made anytime soon.

It’s not an original idea for Facebook, but sadly, it is one that could help them moving forward.

With Facebook considering stealing the hashtag and using it as their own, we can officially put them in the category of #swaggerjacker.

What do you think of Facebook looking to steal one of their leading competitors iconic symbols and which social media platform do you currently use the most? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments sections.

As the great Kobe Bryant would say, “#MambaOut.”

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