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NCAA Tournament 2013: Gonzaga Bulldogs Named Final No. 1 Seed in March Madness

There was some drama surrounding the final No. 1 seed in the March Madness tournament, as the Ohio State Buckeyes made a real case this weekend for earning the final spot. But the voting committee ended up giving the final No. 1 seed to Gonzaga who boasted all the right requirements on the resume to earn a No. 1 seed. But the question becomes did they get the No. 1 seed because they deserve it or did they get it on a technicality.

Even though they didn’t get the No. 1 seed in the region, the Ohio State Buckeyes managed to snag a No. 2 seed and grabbed a favorable matchup against Iona. Another team hoping for a high seed, New Mexico grabbed the No. 3 seed in the West and a matchup with Harvard who are making yet another tournament appearance.

Ole Miss won the SEC tournament on Sunday and it clinched their chances for getting a tournament bid. They ended up grabbing the No. 12 seed but drew a tough opening matchup against the No. 5 seeded Wisconsin Badgers.

That No. 5 seed is huge for the Badgers, as it sets up the Big Ten runner ups in a good spot to tear through the West region and upend top seeded Gonzaga. Another team to watch is Notre Dame, who pulled in at No. 7 in the West and will take on the Iowa State Cyclones in their opening matchup. Notre Dame is emerging as a sleeper team and may make a run if they end up getting hot.

Stay tuned to all night and into tomorrow as we break down the NCAA Tournament brackets region by region as we bring you the best March Madness coverage out there. 

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