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NCAA Tournament 2013: Indiana Hoosier Earn No. 1 Seed in East Region

There was some doubt late on Sunday as to whether or not Indiana would be able to pull of getting a No. 1 seed, but they can rest easy for now as they’ve drawn the third overall No. 1 and will be placed in the East region.

Syracuse cracked the top 5 in the East, as they drew a No. 4 seed and more importantly, the Miami Hurricanes drew a No. 2 seed which means their hopes for getting a No. 1 seed weren’t realized by the committee. Miami’s draw also pits them against either Illinois or Colorado in the next round, but the fact that they didn’t get a No. 1 seed might set them off on a run through the region.

Butler grabbed a No. 6 seed in their return to March Madness. After missing the tournament last year after back-to-back championship appearances, the Bulldogs return to the tournament but they’re work is only just beginning after drawing a No. 6 seed.

UNLV and California will play each other in what will essentially be a home game for the Golden Bears, which may rub some fans the wrong way in terms of how the committee drew that matchup. Not only that, but the two teams played each other earlier this year meaning we would have one of the better first round matchups take place in San Jose between these two teams.

With only one No. 1 seed left, the question remains will Ohio State use their Big Ten title to steal a top seed or will the voters give it to Gonzaga, who seems to be the Notre Dame football team of college basketball this year.

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