Game Of Thrones As A 90s TV Show (Video)

As the third season of Game of Thrones approaches, the amount of spoof content hitting the net seems to be growing.

This new video just hit Youtube. It takes a look at what the Game of Thrones intro would have looked like if it was introduced in 1995.

Notice how everyone seems a lot happier? I was actually shocked to see Queen Cersei Lanister crack a smile. I’ve watch the entire series twice now (ok, I’ve watched the first season three times) and I can’t recall her ever smiling.

There are many attributes that make this video awesome. Here are my favorites:

1.It’s super grainy

Seriously, when I see video footage from before the HD era, I marvel at how far we have come. Watching a basketball game from 2001 on NBA TV is like going through the looking glass into the stone age.

2. It is set to Queen’s “I Want It All”

Hell yeah! Perfect music for GOT. Or for you nerds out there, ASOIAF.

3. Tyrion does his jerk-off motion at the Eyrie.

I loved this scene in the show, even thought is kind of seemed out of place. It was such high comedy in such a dark world. When little Lord Robert stood up and said “What happened next,” well, that move was straight out of the 90s.

4. They included the Hodor dong scene.

Quick, somebody call Deadspin!

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!

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