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Martin Brodeur Scores Third Career Goal Against Carolina Hurricanes (Video)

Goalies don’t score in the NHL, they try to stop the other team from doing so. But occasionally we have a glitch in the Matrix and a goalie ends up somehow scoring a goal. New Jersey Devils net minder Martin Brodeur hasn’t just scored once before, he’s done it twice and he managed to secure a career hat trick on Thursday night against the Carolina Hurricanes.

In the first period, Brodeur deflected a shot by the Hurricanes but after he touched the puck, a delayed penalty was called. This means that the next Devils player to touch the puck would stop play and the penalty would be assessed. Since the Devils couldn’t touch the puck, the Hurricanes leaned on an age old trick of pulling their netminder to get an extra attacker on the ice. But rather rather than using the extra attacker to get an early 1-0 lead, Jordan Staal of the Hurricanes slapped the puck to a teammate who missed it.

The puck bounced off the board and slid across the ice into Carolina’s net. By rule, the last opponent to have touched the puck get s credited with the goal, and the last Devils player to have touched the puck was netminder Martin Brodeur.

Yeah, it was weird.

The weirdest part is the fact that it’s Brodeur’s third career goal and his second career power play goal as well. Had the Devils held onto the 1-0 lead, Brodeur likely would have made NHL history as the first ever goalie to score the game winning goal while also posting a shutout victory. Brodeur may be in his 40s, but the man can clearly still ball with the best of them and do things he’s not supposed to be able to do.

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