Photo via photographer Allen Ying

Skateboarder Jumps NYC Subway Track in Viral Photo

There is a skateboarding photo for 43 magazine that is beginning to go viral because of the daring nature of the stunt involved. Photographer Allen Ying captured the image of a skateboarder performing an ollie over the New York City subway track at the 145th Street station.

Ying took the image back in January for his magazine that was launched last year, and insists that it is real despite some questioning the legitimacy of the photo.

Here is the image:

Now that takes stones.

You have to have a lot of confidence to ollie over a Subway track. All it takes is one miss and it could all go wrong, but Ying and the skateboarder had no doubt that they would be able to pull the stunt off and they did so in very few takes.

“I knew I was facing where the train was going to come from,” Ying told the Daily Intelligencer. “There weren’t a lot of tries.”


Not only is this one of the most impressive skateboarding photos we have ever seen, but it could potentially be one of the greatest sports action shots that has ever been taken.

The image will be in the issue of 43 magazine that hits the shelves on March 26.

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