Photo via the Miami Herald

Photo: Miami Dolphins New Logo Unveiled

The Miami Dolphins are officially set to unveil their new logo and uniform on April 25, but there will be a little less anticipation now that the team’s new logo has been leaked. The above image has been floating around since late December as a “close representation” to the teams actual new logo, and now that the new look has been confirmed, there is little doubt that this leaked image was as close as it gets.

Multiple Dolphins sources have confirmed via the Miami Herald that the new logo will look less cartoonish and ditch the helmet with a “M” logo on the side. The new logo is now sleeker, with a bigger presence of the sunburst design.

Here is an image of the confirmed new logo on a piece of Nike apparel that the team will unveil on the first day of the draft:

The teams new uniforms are expected to ditch the darker turquoise and orange that has been more prominent in the design lately in favor of the old aqua and orange, with some white and blue mixed in. One of the biggest design changes in the team’s new look will be the addition of white face masks. The Kansas City Chiefs are the only other team that will have white facemasks.

What do you think of the team’s new logo and are you excited for their new uniforms? Sound off in the comments section and let’s hear your thoughts.

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  • David Bradley

    Not knocked out if this is indeed the new logo, but it could be worse. Will take some getting used to.

  • Jon

    It’s Hideous. A complete eye sore. It looks like a damn Whale. If I saw this thing swimming near my boat, I wouldn’t hesitate to run it under my propellers.

    Hold on I got a text…It’s Hellen Keller. She Hates it too. WTF Mr. Ross, just sell the team already

    • Grateful Ed

      Couldn’t Agree More

  • cecil fishel

    I hope that’s a joke

  • chris092748

    Way to go guys.. That shit.. looks retarded.

  • Roberto Ball

    White facemasks will look like horse crap.

  • Shayne 7@Comcast. net

    That look. Like a jr high. Logo. How gay

  • Johnny Williams

    Looks like crap..will not buy a thing with that whale on it..Why does Ross have to mess with stuff..he messed with the song and screwed it up..and here was his chance again to not screw this up and he makes the dolphins logo look like it belongs at sea world..shamu..He sucks…everything he has touched in the nfl is turned to crap…now he wants us to vote and give him millions for the stadium..sorry but your track record with the dolphin fans will be enough for the stadium bid to sink..

  • Alexander Velazquez Sr.

    Don’t like it, in fact hate it !!!!! This better be a joke.

  • Paul Grady

    I hate it,.But what can we do,.Fugging hook noses

  • Paul Grady

    I do take solace in knowing Stephen Ross will be burning in hell soon,.Anything for a buck huh?

  • Giovani Leguizamon

    it doesnt look like a nfl logo at all. Dissapointed… I like the logo on dannell elerbe’s twitter page more, that shit looks legit. yall check it out

  • Giovani Leguizamon
  • Gotsumpnferya

    Gonna take some getting used to, but what I really want is for the team to WIN.

    That’s what is important.

  • Aaron Bednar

    The helmet looks great with the white facemask. No stupid orange stripes on top of the Helmet also is a plus. Check them out.

  • Joshua Patrick

    Logo looks dumb love the one from Dannell Ellebe’s twitter logo. Best we can do is not buy any merchandise. Buy throw back stuff buy imitation stuff avoid logo at all costs speak with our wallets the only way they gonna listen.

  • Jeff Sherrell

    The helmet is just a mock up. I’m not sure if the person who did it has more inside information about what the helmet will look like or not, but I’m not going to say much one way or the other until I see the official Dolphins unveiling. I do have to say that I like what the mock up helmet looks like though.