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Photo: Miami Dolphins New Logo Unveiled

The Miami Dolphins are officially set to unveil their new logo and uniform on April 25, but there will be a little less anticipation now that the team’s new logo has been leaked. The above image has been floating around since late December as a “close representation” to the teams actual new logo, and now that the new look has been confirmed, there is little doubt that this leaked image was as close as it gets.

Multiple Dolphins sources have confirmed via the Miami Herald that the new logo will look less cartoonish and ditch the helmet with a “M” logo on the side. The new logo is now sleeker, with a bigger presence of the sunburst design.

Here is an image of the confirmed new logo on a piece of Nike apparel that the team will unveil on the first day of the draft:

The teams new uniforms are expected to ditch the darker turquoise and orange that has been more prominent in the design lately in favor of the old aqua and orange, with some white and blue mixed in. One of the biggest design changes in the team’s new look will be the addition of white face masks. The Kansas City Chiefs are the only other team that will have white facemasks.

What do you think of the team’s new logo and are you excited for their new uniforms? Sound off in the comments section and let’s hear your thoughts.

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