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Photo via CJ Fogler on Twitter (@cjzero)

Video: JJ Barea Attempts to Dribble Between Hasheem Thabeet's Legs

Minnesota Timberwolves guard JJ Barea must have been inspired by the nifty handles of teammate Ricky Rubio because he tried a silly stunt with the ball on Friday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Trailing by five points in the second quarter, Barea came off of a screen and tried his best to make a play happen.

Barea immediately turned the corner and tried to advance closer to the basket by dribbling between Oklahoma City center Hasheem Thabeet’s legs… literally.

He didn’t go for the school yard “nutmegging” maneuver, but he seriously attempted to duck down and go between Thabeet’s legs, body and all. Of course, the move didn’t work out very well, but it could have been worse. All it would have taken in Thabeet to squat down and sit on Barea and that would have been the end of Barea. Can you imagine a 7-footer coming down with all of his weight on your body while you are basically in the fetal position?

Doesn’t sound like the best way to spend a Friday night.

In case you missed it, here is video of the failed maneuver from Barea:

You have to love the effort and creativity from Barea, but that was about as awful as execution can get.

Do you have any other failed trickery on the court that comes to mind? Let us know by sharing it in our comments section.

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