Photo: Mississippi State Sends Embarrassing Letter to Recruit

Universities take some interesting approaches to recruiting players to play for their school and it seems like they are trying to one-up each other with the most embarrassing techniques.

Whether it is sending several hundred hand-written letters to a potential recruit or just one, the recruiting strategies don’t always appear to sit the right way with the players who are being pursued.

On Tuesday, a recruiting letter from Mississippi State to Michigan commitment Michael Ferns started making the rounds on the Internet and it immediately reached “smack my head” status.

There isn’t much you can do to describe Mississippi State’s letter to Ferns, so just have a look and remember your initial reaction.

This is what Mississippi State thought would be a good idea to send:

Are you serious?

Is this part one of a two letter series? Will the second letter say, “You’re a shot caller.”

On a positive note, at least it didn’t read “Your” or “ur.”

Even Ferns decided to mock the attempt at recruiting him with a simple caption of “Ummm … Thanks Coach” when he tweeted out the image.

This looks like it came from a kindergarten student writing with their non-dominant hand or a drunken recruiting assistant. At least put some time and effort into a recruiting letter. The kid may have committed to Michigan, but any chance you had to flip his commitment is now out the window. It really is embarrassing.

Ferns is a top ten linebacker in the 2014 recruiting class, and while it could be tempting to come play in the SEC, Mississippi State has no chance in hell to land a commitment from a player that they sent out a grade school project to.


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