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Uriah Hall: The Ultimate Fighter Star Is A Real UFC Contender


Season 17 of The Ultimate Fighter reality series has brought us one of the best stars in the shows storied history. Team Sonnen’s Uriah Hall came onto the show as a seasoned veteran in the sport and he has become one of the greatest things to happen to the reality series in the past few seasons. Every fight Hall comes out and scores a devastating knockout. This week was no different.

Bubba McDaniel, wanted nothing to do with Hall after seeing his teammate suffer a horrifying fate right in front of his eyes. McDaniel appeared to be looking for every way out of the fight with Hall, but he ultimately stepped into the cage with the Team Sonnen star and he didn’t suffer a much better fate.

Hall is set to face off against Dylan Andrews in a semifinal bout next week that he should be able to roll through on his way to the finals. The real question for Hall is: “where should Hall go after The Ultimate Fighter concludes?”

If Hall can crush his next two opponents in devastating fashion, he deserves a crack at a top ten opponent on the UFC’s roster. The competition on TUF may not be at the level of the actual UFC roster, but Hall has done exactly what you should do against lesser competition — dominate and score devastating victories.

Hall has shown that he is the real deal and his determination and focus is second to none.

When it’s all said and done, Hall could emerge from the season as one of the best stars to come from the TUF platform.

Where should Hall stack up in the division if he is able to get past his next two opponents and claim the TUF 17 crown? As our friend Patrick Gordon from FanIQ pointed out, “Based on Sherdog’s rankings, a top 10 fighter would be someone like Costas Philippou, Tom Boetsch, or Hector Lombard.

If those were realistic options for Hall after his stint on the show, a match up with Costas Philippou would be a great stylistic match up and prepare him for a run at the cream of the crop in the division. The two previously fought in 2011 with Philippou edging Hall on a majority decision. Both fighters have grown a lot since then, so a rematch to officially welcome Hall to the UFC seems like a great start.

Sound off in the comments section and let us know if Hall can be a legitimate contender and whether or not his run on TUF would merit a top ten opponent.

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  • Randy Barning

    I do think he is top 10.
    But he already lost to Philippou.

    If you are going to write this article, at least have looked up his record.

    He is a beast! His two losses are to other top 10 MWs. amazing ROC had three of the top 10 MWs at the same time, and all fighting out of New York.

    • Josh Sanchez

      Yes, and I acknowledged that. It was a majority decision in a very close fight. Both fighters have grown tremendously since 2011, so it would be a great start to his official UFC career. Just like in their first match up, the stylistic match up would create a must see bout

      • Randy Barning

        my apologies, you did

  • bahamas4ever

    i think hall would win any rematch, costas has lost a step in my option.

  • Marcos Montoya

    As an MMA fan, I have only a few things to point out: One, Dana himself recognizes that Hall is one of the most devastating and dangerous fighters he has ever seen, and this comes mostly from his showing in TUF. Second, this guy could arguably have the sickest KO highlight reel out there already, and in such a short time. Third, Uriah appears to possess a very high fight IQ, like Anderson or GSP. He even said before the fight that he expected Bubba to come at him aggressively from the get-go, and that he was looking to capitalize on that split second opening that would inevitably present itself when Bubba comes at him. And that is precisely what he did. Dana is smart enough not to throw him to the sharks right away, but give this guy 2 or 3 fights, he will be a contender. I feel Hall will definitely eventually be a champ

  • daddyghi

    im betting my money on hall against okami… the guy’s slow… he can steam roll over the bottom 10 of middleweight… give him atleast a top 5 guy!