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Video: Ronda Rousey Dominates Uriah Hall on The Ultimate Fighter

The Ultimate Fighter 17 star Uriah Hall is set to participate in the shows quarterfinal match ups tonight on the latest episode of the reality series on FX, but he was in the headlines yesterday after talking with the New York Post and shedding some light on his training session with UFC women’s champion Ronda Rousey during his time on the show.

Hall is one of the most talented fighters on the show, but he struggled when he was going up against the former Olympic judo medalist and women’s champ.

Quite frankly, Rousey whooped Hall in dominating fashion and he wasn’t afraid to admit it. Here is what Hall told the New York Post:

I said to myself, ‘I can get out of this.’ Then she caught me and I was like, ‘Oh my God, this s*** is real.’

You can’t grab her and if you do grab her, you’re f***ed. Thank God they didn’t show that, because she totally kicked my ass.

Hall said he was happy that the UFC decided not to air their rolling session, but that changed on Tuesday afternoon when the organization tweeted out a link to footage of his session on the mat with Rousey via their official Twitter account.

After seeing the video, Hall wasn’t lying. Rousey took it to him.

There is absolutely no shame in getting handled on the ground by Rousey and Hall took the punishment in great spirits. She is a world class athlete and one of the best judo players in the world. She is dedicated to her craft and has used her talent and dedication to get to the highest level of the sport.

Whether you are a man or a woman, a brilliant judoka will dominate you regardless of size or strength. It’s all about technique and there is none better than Rousey.

For Rousey fans, you will be seeing much more of her on The Ultimate Fighter next season when she headlines the show as a coach opposite the winner of Miesha Tate and Cat Zigano. For those fighters that have to train with Rousey on the mat, prepare to get dominated, but appreciate the learning experience from training with one of the best.


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